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Dr. Fued Salmen


       The best TMJ course I have done in my life.  Thank you!

Dr. Carrol Saridin


The TMJ Mini Residency is a must for all Maxillofacial Surgeons with a special interest in TMJ pathology. This concept was developed after a unique TMJ cadaver course in 2014 with dedicated and enthusiastic faculty and participants. As participants we felt the need for a continuation of this excellent and detailed source of information and skills, provided by some of the most experienced TMJ surgeons in the US. In February 2015 we had the first of four sessions (with the original faculty!). 3 intensive days of lectures and hands on cadaver training, surrounded by colleagues all with a passion for TMJ turned out to be the formula for a unique, educational and precious residency.

Dr. Adwait Kulkarni


The TMJ Mini Residency has been a fantastic experience for me right from the initial contact.  The first few emails that I exchanged with Dr. Scott made me realize the meticulous attention to detail that had gone into planning the course.  The cordial interaction and help at every step of the way including registration, tuition transfer and accommodation was outstanding.  Every little query or problem I faced was given due credibility, assessment and solution by Dr. Scott, Dr. Jeff and the rest of the organizing team.  The itinerary was laid out so well in advance that I left from my home in India with a clear anticipation of what to expect.

I arrived in Baltimore with the initial meet and greet with the team and other participants.  An excellent tone of informal interaction and knowledge, as well as skill transfer was established by the trainers.  This was complimented by excellent training facilities, ample materials and top notch equipment.  Dissecting into and practicing hands-on with two fresh cadaveric joints per day  throughout the course was invaluable experience that I will never forget.

Dr. Jeff, Dr. Scott, Dr. Vincent and Dr. Gary were excellent teachers. Their easygoing approach and willingness to share their knowledge, skill and philosophy helped me learn TMJ Surgery and broke down all preconceived inhibitions I previously harbored about TMJ.

Dr. César Augusto Daros Rodrigues


I would like to express my immense gratitude to TMJ Mini Residency team.  The dedicated faculty developed a top notch course and were always available for extra guidance.

The debates during the classroom sessions were not only informative but exciting -- well worth the time investment! Technical training on the specimens is the most unique aspect of the course. Each participant has ample time to work in the lab using the highest quality tools and materials. 

Thanks to all the faculty -- Dr. Scott, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Vincent and Dr. Gary for your efforts. Be assured you are doing a brilliant job for the next generation of TMJ surgeons!

Dr. Othman Altuwairgi

Saudi Arabia

I would like to thank you, as well as, thank the rest of the team that helped in bringing such an up to date, hands-on, friendly and well organized TMJ program. It truly reflects the willingness of the organizers to educate practitioners with both academic knowledge, as well as, hands-on experience that would enable them to augment their own practice by accepting and treating patients with TMJ, in the most safe and predictable manner.

The way the program has been organized, is truly to help the participants gain confidence, and offer the support (as needed) to enable us to not fear taking on the challenge of treating complicated TMJ cases, and at the same time close the knowledge and the skill gaps that most practitioners develop while maintaining a successful practice.

The program successfully covers all aspects of TMJ abnormalities, step-by-step patient evaluation and staging of the TMJ clinical problem, pathophysiology, examinations, investigative work-ups, models of treatment via introducing the benefits and the potential side effects of using different TMJ treatment modalities (ranging from the scope to the open procedure to total joint replacement). All were presented in a well-organized and professional manner.

It's really difficult to find such a well organized and focused program, with a world renown educators and speakers, not to mention the 2 fresh cadavers (four temporomandibular joints per practitioner) that were made available with plenty of time and ease to get the maximum experience and to explore all aspects of TMJ procedures, as well as, to see first hand what could go wrong while performing and treating patients with TMJ.

Finally, this program is a well-done model for future training and building confidence in short period of time. It is with great pleasure, to be part of this experience. 

Dr. Peter Tsakiris


The strengths of the course is in the spread of faculty (great pool of experience), the good balance between theory and hands-on cadaver skill stations, very good mix of instructor to candidate ratio and the opportunity to repeat and reinforce skills and knowledge; a unique opportunity to obtain the confidence and insight in the management of the TMJ.

Thanks again!

Robert Wagner


Testimonial for the 2022 TMJ Mini Residency

I wanted to thank the TMJ Mini Residency for an outstanding program. From day 1, I looked forward to the next day and the next challenge. The excellent faculty nailed it! I have been to many comprehensive courses over the years, and the TMJ residency has been the most memorable, applicable, and simply the best! Even if you do not plan on doing advanced arthroscopy in your practice, the skills and confidence achieved through the mini-residency will last a long time. Thanks again to the support of the sponsors (Nexus and Zimmer) and all the surgical teaching staff.

The reason the course is so successful, aside from the great organizing talent of Dr. Scott Levin, is that all the faculty are passionate about TMJ surgery and arthroscopy, which is contagious.

Thanks again to everyone for the camaraderie, and I look forward to seeing you at future gatherings.